How The Trade Tribe 10x Their Database and Added £300,000 to Their Revenue

Disrupting the investing and trading industry

Teaching business owners how to invest in just five minutes a day

A unique trading formula to allow people to trade for themselves

"Working with Codebreak has been a complete game-changer for The Trade Tribe. I was making a comfortable living as a coach beforehand, but now I have a business that I can scale to seven-figures and beyond. I would recommend any hungry business owner speaks to these guys."
Ben Knight, Founder

Disrupting the investing and trading industry...

Results that made a difference to The Trade Tribe

From Comfortable Living to Scalable Business

No business owner likes to see their hard-earned money end up losing value or wither away on inconsequential things.

Ben Knight identified this and created a unique strategy and approach to trading for The Trade Tribe. Ben explains, "I identified a gap in the market for supported trading specifically for business owners, and I created a formula that could be executed in less than five minutes per day. One, to help business owners money work for them, and two, so that it didn't take them so long that they could actually do it."

Ben had been a member of a number of masterminds and spoken to many marketing experts over the years. Yet, nothing had been proposed to dramatically increase his database and his turnover. He'd seen individual tactics and short-terms gains, but no strategy and done-for-you service that pieced it all together.

In contrast, when he met Codebreak, Codebreak immediately identified an opportunity to drive hundreds of leads to sign up for his regular webinars and nurture them to not only attend, but to be incredible participants and purchase The Trade Tribe program afterwards.

Codebreak's Marketing That Sells™ Formula was central to Ben's growth. "My ability to predictably and profitably scale directly tied in with Codebreak's work," said Ben. Some of the benefits The Trade Tribe attained with Codebreak's strategy were:

  • Scalable Facebook Ads that attracted the right webinar participants for £11 per lead. With a 1 in 20 conversion rate to £3,000 clients, this meant a £224 customer acquisition cost.
  • Automated email and SMS sequences to nurture leads through the sales funnel.
  • Retargeting campaigns to Demonstrate credibility and remind prospects.
  • Ongoing coaching and support from Codebreak's founders.

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