A 1000% ROAS with Google Ads and £200,000 of Additional Online Sales

Offering hope to people with severe gut health issues

UK expert and distributor of Qenda Ultimate Fibre

Online store and gut health consultant

"Working with Codebreak has been incredible. They not only know their stuff, they truly care. They actually hound me about my business essentials, they are on it. And if I'm not hitting my markers, they tell me. I've never met a marketing company like it. They get results and it's never enough, they are straight on to the next thing."
James Cook-Coulson, Founder

Curing Himself and Now Helping Others

James is the founder of The Gut Health Hub, which serves as a source of information, products and advice to help improve gut health and autoimmune systems.

After suffering with a chronic autoimmune disease and digestive problems for five years, James researched and learned a lot about the human body until he discovered the root causes of his 'illness'.

James is pleased to report he no longer suffers with the symptoms of a chronic autoimmune condition or digestive problem. In fact, he no longer considers himself to have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, thanks to Qenda!

The physical pain from internal inflammation, fatigue and mental anguish from disturbed sleep patterns that James suffered with were beyond horrendous. After trying the medical route, he knew his options of long-term medication or surgery were not going to fully eradicate his symptoms or allow him to live his life to its fullest potential.

Things James had tried...

Working with numerous VAs to get more content out there. Employing people to handle the admin of the business so he could do more networking and content creation. Neither of which made much of a difference.

James also joined multiple masterminds. They were keen to drive him towards coaching people on gut health which meant the growth of his e-commerce business stagnated.

Since working with Codebreak...

A clear plan to target people with Google Search Ads who are looking for help with their gut health. A strategy to retarget anybody who has been on the website. Email sequences to encourage people to complete their course of Qenda and re-order. Abandoned basket chase up sequences so that potential customers aren't lost when their doorbell rings and they forget to process their order.

Ongoing coaching and mentorship to make sure James is focused in profit-making areas and the business continues to grow whilst he develops his customer support arm.

  • 1000% ROAS on Google Search Ads
  • 1500% ROAS on Google Banner Retargeting
  • A "four day cash machine" email sequence that generated an additional £18,000 in revenue
  • An additional £200,000 in revenue over the last 9 months vs the same period last year

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